Thanks to the encouragement of my parents and inspiration from Darrin in the classic TV show Bewitched I have been working as a designer since 1989. My experience in the days of paste-up layouts, as well as my time spent in screen printing, has been a big influence on the look of my work. I like to get my hands dirty and I like analog methods, but I’ve also been working with Adobe software since the first versions of Photoshop and Illustrator and consider myself extremely proficient with digital tools.
I have always enjoyed being a designer and often refer to it as “visual problem solving.” I like the challenge of bringing together the technical and the visual to create an end product that communicates a clear message. This balancing act requires the right decisions during the process, whether it’s an illustration, some tricky bindery for a brochure or scouting the perfect location for a photo shoot. 
If you have an idea you need brought to life, or if you need ideas for your brand or service, I'm your guy.  Let's start a conversation.
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